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My name is Marc, and I think I am trying to do my part to change the negative perception of the Real Estate Industry. But before I get into this industry, let me introduce myself.


I have a beautiful, loving wife and an awesome daughter. I enjoy spending time with them doing various activities. Taking walks with our two dogs, Stella and Jaks is a daily routine. When not busy working, I enjoy time with our friends and participate in activities. I take an active interest in my community. I belong and actively participate in various organization. Reading, cross-country skiing, biking and motorcycling are all activities I attempt to enjoy as a family, with friends and by my self.


Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe. – Abraham Lincoln

The stereotypical way realtors are taught by experts and trainers, to find clients, like door knocking, cold calling, handing out pamphlets, high-pressure sales tactics, memorizing scripts and begging friends and family for business, were off the table for me. I don’t like the old school sales methods; empty promises, provide very little, get the sale and move on. I’m not a fan of many common practices in the real estate industry.

When I talk about Real Estate, I do it as a person, not a script reader. I focus as much on my client’s lifestyle as the act of selling or buying a property. I share my opinions base on facts and provide advice precisely the way I see it. The same manner, I would want my Real Estate Representative to speak to me if I was selling or buying a property so I could make an informed decision; by providing value, being honest, bringing expertise to the transaction and telling it the way it is. Being a protector of my client’s interest is the single most crucial factor in my business!

It is an honour and privilege of helping people with one of the most significant purchases or selling decision they will ever make. Doing it the right way makes real estate a noble profession.


We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.
– Aristotle

What does “philosophy” have to do with the real estate business? Plenty, in my opinion.

Real estate is not just about wood and tile, brick and vinyl, refrigerators and furnaces, dollars and cents. For me, it is much more….it’s about people and for most, the single most significant expense that they face, all summed up in one story at a time.

I believe that starting with a strong core of philosophical values paves the way for a successful business but more importantly to me, protect Sellers and Buyers. My clients are members of my family, and I am unwavering in assuring their protection from unscrupulous and opportunistic realtors.

The tone of my approach is when it comes to real estate needs, people are best served through a relationship with a trusted professional who is there to guide them in taking the necessary steps to sell or find their home. I am committed, to the successful completion of each transaction with the utmost respect for the needs, hopes and dreams of my clients. I am focused on providing buyers and sellers with the highest level of attention, unmatched expertise, and unquestionable professionalism. I am singularly committed to upholding the highest ethical and professional standards and maximizing the resources, strategies and technologies that deliver exceptional results for my clients.

Let’s face it; it is a number and symbol world out there, where you can be made to feel like a number and a source of revenue for others; bank, cell phone, satellite service, return lines at various retail stores and the list goes on. It seems you get minimal service, without a lot of effort on your part. There is a considerable gap between what clients need, what clients want, and what they get. My Real Estate services strive to be different.


This blog site will have various topics of discussion and provided by Marc Martin, Your Real Estate Guru! Marc created marcrealestateguru.blog site because of a need to provide a trustworthy, authoritative and a leading blogging home to “Keeping Real Estate…Real.” Genuineness, truthfulness and straightforwardness are the building footings for every article. Marc can be reached by phone/text at (705) 676-7799 or by email at marctherealestateguru@gmail.com.

Marc has helped many people move in and out of many homes in the Temiskaming Shores area and strives for perfection in every transaction. “I do more because you are worth more, and being a protector of my client’s interest is the single most crucial factor in my business!”

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