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I created marcrealestateguru.blog site because of a need to provide a trustworthy, authoritative and a leading blogging home to “Keeping Real Estate…Real.” Its various insightful blogs will benefit Sellers, Buyers, Realtors and anyone interested in Real Estate. Genuineness, truthfulness and straightforwardness are the building footings of this site.

Blogs will be categorized by topics and located in the footer on any page of this site. Some blogs will be light-hearted with tips, suggestions and recommendations. Others will be intense and risky at times when exploring specific topics about the real estate industry meant to educate, inform and protect Sellers and Buyers. You can appreciate that sharing your opinions about the real estate industry and keeping it REAL is risky because it opens yourself up to criticism. However, the risk outweighs those realtors merely looking to make a quick sale.

Don’t hesitate to “SUBSCRIBE” to this site located in the footer of any page. Whatever your reason to follow, please know that I am profoundly grateful and touched by your interest. If you have any suggestions on topics to discuss, please send me an email.

I shout-out, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your time in reading this post, and I raise a toast or two to you.

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